Register to consign at our "Back to School/Fall/Halloween: 2-Day Consignment Event!!

November 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Location: Chapin's East at 502 Twin Rail Dr. in Minooka IL 60447

Childrens UpScale ReSale

Once registered to consign, here are some tips and information to help you:

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING!!!! We can't overstate that enough. Steaming or ironing items will sell so much better than items that are all wrinkled, even if they are brand new! People gravitate to the items that look pristine. Toys should be wiped clean. Magic erasers are amazing for getting any small markings/dirt off of anything and everything.

Brands & Condition:

Make sure that your brands are appropriate for the sale event. The same brands that are permitted on the FB group are the ones permitted to sell at the consignment event. When in doubt if a brand is acceptable or not, please ask. We'd rather have you ask us than have you go through the work of getting it prepared for the sale and then not being able to accept it for the floor. As for condition of all items, please make sure everything you are trying to sell is in EUC (excellent used condition) or better. There can be nothing wrong with the item, including fading, out of fashion, spots, holes, missing parts, broken zippers or parts etc... All toys/baby equipment etc... needs to be in great working condition. If it is battery operated, please be sure batteries are in it and that it is working properly. We will have outlets at the facility if buyers want to check electrical items to be sure they are in working condition.


We recommend items to be priced 25-30% of retail. For example, if you were selling a NIKE hoodie that retails for $50, you would want to price that item between $12 & $15. Premium brand names in perfect condition could be priced a bit higher, such as 30-35% of retail. As for larger items, such as outside toys or baby equipment, one might sell it between 35-50% of retail, depending on if used much and condition of that item. The goal of pricing is to price it for what you would be willing to pay for it.

Discount Day and Donated items: You can choose to participate in the 50% off sale or keep your items at full price the entire sale. It's not all or nothing either. You can choose to click on 50% off for each item that you input into the computer (you click "discount"). The same goes for donating items. There may be some items that you want to have be in the 50% off day, while keeping others at full price. The same for donating any unsold items. The choice is completely up to you of how many items you want in either of these categories--- and you have the ability to click on for both of these for each item that you input.

Describing & Tagging:

It is critical that you describe and tag your items properly. If your tag falls off or gets torn off of your item, we can only sell that item if we can find it in the database. We can only match them up if great descriptions are provided. If we can't find the match, we can't sell it--- even if someone wants to buy it. Here are some tips for giving descriptions and tagging: On the first line, you want to put the brand and short description. On the second line, you want to put the color or any other detail such as wording on the item. This will help us find your item should the tag come off. As for tagging, make sure you are using WHITE CARD STOCK paper and NOT regular copy paper. We need you to use WHITE CARD STOCK paper because our system doesn't allow the bar codes on colored paper to be read. As for NOT using copy paper, it can't be used because it will not hold up during the sale. Copy paper will tear too easily and then we can't sell your items if it comes apart from the item and we can't find in the system. White card stock paper can be purchased through any big box retail store or any office supply store. I usually get ours at Target.

We also encourage you to use a tagging gun for your items. It's less time consuming and more efficient than using pins. Tagging guns are relatively inexpensive if purchased through amazon or ebay and often com with hundreds of the little white tags that you need for it, so make sure that you order a kind that comes with both.

Clothing: You will need to hang all of your clothing. Start asking friends now for some hangers! Another option is putting ISO (in search of) on FB in groups--- many people have extra hangers and they may give them to you inexpensively or even free. Big box stores also sell hangers. Here's a tip--- the larger hangers (adult ones) work best for toddler size and up, so don't feel like you have to have kids hangers. The clothing usually stays on the larger hangers much better than kids hangers! When tagging the clothing items, try to do it on an area that won't make a hole-- for example, tag the tag or the bottom of sleeve.

Shoes: We suggest using zip-ties to keep your shoes together. (We also suggest using zip-ties for diaper bags & for anything that has multiple pieces-- such as toys).

Books: Please tape the price tag on the back of the book, as to not ruin the cover should the tape tear when coming off.

Toys/Baby Equipment/Puzzles: If you have an item with loose parts/removable parts, you may want to use saran wrap to keep the parts together. As for puzzles, you can either saran wrap the puzzle and tape tag on top of it or you can use a jumbo hefty/ziploc bag and place the puzzle in there and tape the top of the bag.
Once registered to consign, here are some tips and information to help you: