Register to consign at our "Back to School/Fall/Halloween: 2-Day Consignment Event!!

November 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Location: Chapin's East at 502 Twin Rail Dr. in Minooka IL 60447

Childrens UpScale ReSale

Acceptable brands of clothing/shoes to sell on this site are STRICTLY as follows:  Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Crazy 8, Brothers, Justice, Aeropastale, P.S. Aeropastale, Hollister, Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Juicy, Pink, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Demarini, Vans, True Religion, Biscotti, any type of Boutique brands, anything that's a brand of Disney, The North Face, Spyder, Gilly Hicks, Armani Exchange, Twinkle toes, Sketchers, Keds, Columbia, Limited Too, Children's Place, Gap, Matilda Jane, Rock & Republic, Diesel, American Eagle, Hannah Anderson, Keen, Miss Me, Toms, 77 kids, Ruum, 7 for all Mankind, Stride Rite, Crocs, most items from zulily, American Girl clothing, Dollie & Me clothing, Pinky, Bonnie Jean, Koala Boutique, Levis, Hurley, Fox, L L Bean, Lands End, Mini Boden, Jordans, And 1, Jelly the Pug, Uggs, Rothschild, London Fog, Izod, Chaps, Tommy Hilfiger & Tommy Girl, Hunter boots, Carhartt, Any Major League sport clothing such as Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Hawks, Paige Denim, Paper Denim & Cloth, Splendid, Kenneth Cole Reaction, PUMA, Pediped, guess, 4 moms, Isabella & Chloe, merrell, patagonia, Sperry, and always feel free to message us with other inquiries, as this list is to give you the main idea of what type of brands are acceptable for consigning with us. 

What is a consignment sale?   A Consignment sale is when a person or company sells your items on your behalf in exchange for a commission. Childrens Upscale Resale Event is a seasonal consignment sale, selling items for 2 days at each sale.

How much money can I earn? It depends on whether or not you volunteer. As a base, you get to keep 65% of your total sales (minus the $10 seasonal marketing fee for the first 500 items-- please review the consign/sell tab for further info). However, if you volunteer and complete (1) 3-hour shift, that base percentage moves up to 70% of your total sales and even higher to 75% if you volunteer and complete (2) 3-hour shifts (less the seasonal marketing fee for every 500 items placed into the inventory system).

Will you take all of my items?   We thoroughly inspect each item to be sure it is in EUC (excellent used condition) or better. If an item doesn't meet our standards, it will be removed from the sales floor. Please make sure your brands are acceptable, as well.  If in doubt whether a brand is acceptable or not, please ask, as we are happy to answer any questions.

What types of items are accepted?   We accept boys/girls clothing items sized preemie through junior sizes XL. If you are selling junior items, please make sure they are in teen styles/current fashion. All clothing must be acceptable upscale brands, in EUC or better, clean and odor-free. We accept shoes (appropriate upscale brands & conditions). We accept baby equipment, nursery accessories/bedding, high quality and working condition toys, books, video games, DVD's.

What don't you accept?   Childrens Upscale Resale cannot accept any recalled items, out of date clothing, any item not in EUC (this means anything with fading, stains, holes, tears, missing buttons/strings, broken zippers, missing pieces or something that is battery operated with no batteries to show it's working). We don't accept dirty/uncleaned items, stuffed animals (unless battery operated & in EUC). We don't accept any underwear unless NWT. We don't accept pacifiers or nipples unless NWT. We don't accept ladies/men clothing unless they are for our juniors and in teen fashion. At this time, we do not accept maternity clothing/items either.

When do I drop off my items?  Consignors can schedule a drop-off appointment to make the drop-off process as easy as possible. A good rule of thumb is to allow 15 minutes for every 100 items that you have for the sale.

When do I pick up my unsold items?   Consignors MUST pick up their unsold items between 4pm & 4:30pm on the last day of the sale (Saturday). Any items not picked up by 4:30pm become the property of Childrens Upscale Resale to be distributed to a charity of our discretion. If you tagged your items to be "donated" if not sold, there is no need to come and pick any of those items up, as we will take care of getting them to the charity. This sale's donated items will be going to Chanooka Wish.

What is the 1/2 off day about?   Childrens Upscale Resale's POS system allows consignors to decide if they want to keep their items at full asking price for the last day of the sale or if they would like to mark them 1/2 off for the last day of the sale. Once tagging begins, you will  have that option. You may choose to mark some items 1/2 off and others not or you may mark all or none of your items 1/2 off---- the choice is completely up to the seller for each item tagged. Our system will automatically mark any "donated" items down to 1/2 off for the last day of the sale.

Do I have to donate my items that don't sell?   Absolutely not. Many sellers don't want to take home items that don't sell. This allows a way for sellers to know that their items are going to a worthy cause, should they choose not to want unsold items back. Many sellers mark "donate" on some things, while not on many others.. Again, the choice is completely up to the seller on each and every item. Please note though--- if unsold items are not picked up at 4:30pm on the last day of the sale, those items will be donated, as we cannot keep them at the facility where the sale will be held.

How do I price items?   A good thought of pricing is to price what you would be willing to pay for the item. Generally 25-30% of retail price is a good standard to go with when pricing your items. If it's a top end brand and in pristine condition, you can generally asking 30-35% of the retail price. Larger items (such as outside toys) can be sold 25-50% of retail, but must be in EUC or better. We encourage you to price competitively, as there will be thousands of items in the sale to choose from. We highly suggest that you also take advantage of the 1/2 off day and click some or all of your items to be 50% off. This can really add up your earnings and boost your sales!!

What happens if my tag falls off during the sale? Childrens Upscale Resale will do its very best to find the item via our computer system, but it's important that you use WHITE CARD STOCK paper for your tagging. Regular paper is NOT durable and if we can't figure out who the seller is, the item cannot be sold---even if someone wants to purchase it. So, it's critical that you make sure you are tagging on white (not colored) card stock paper from Target or an office supply store. A tagging gun is also a benefit and makes tagging more secure. It can be purchased on ebay for a small amount of money (usually $10 or less) and generally comes with tags too.

Do all my clothing items have to be on hangers?  Yes, they do. Hung items are more attractive and easier to sort through for buyers. When hanging your items, please make sure that they are all pointed to the left looking like a question mark, as to keep it all uniform in presentation. Start asking your friends for hangers now :).

How do I shop early?  Only VIPs get to shop the consignment sale early. VIPs are those consign with us, those who volunteer a shift(s), and we also have a limited amount of New Mom pre-sale passes available each sale for families welcoming a new baby or have had a baby who is in the home and under a year old.

Are strollers allowed?  Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate strollers at the current location. We will have the sales floor filled with thousands of amazing items and walking space will be limited. Feel free to bring a laundry basket or CURE VIP Bag/Thirty-One bag/IKEA bag etc with you, but strollers are prohibited (umbrella strollers w/out baskets are the only acceptable strollers allowed into the sale).

Is there a fee to enter the sale and what forms of payment are accepted?   There is NO fee to enter Childrens Upscale Resale Events. Parking and entry into the sale are free to everyone. As for payment, we accept Cash and Credit, as the credit system used in the sale is Square and has the chip encryption for shopper's added security.

How do I start?  We provided a link below for new registration. When registering, PLEASE CHOOSE a 3,4, or 5 digit consignor number which will allow you to log-in on the consignor homepage and will be your consignor number for any and all sale events through Childrens Upscale Resale. Through your homepage, you can enter all of the items you will be selling into our computer-friendly system. The system will also allow you to decide whether you want an item to be included in the 50% off day or not and whether you want your items donated after the sale or not. This can be decided for each item that you enter into the system. It's also easy to edit, should you make any errors. The system will generate bar coded tags which you will place on all of your items. On drop-off day, you will bring all of your items to the sale to be placed on the sales floor and sign your sellers agreement with Chad or myself.  We will take it from there! Each night, we will update the "sold items" report so that you can see how well your items are selling. You will receive a check within 10 business days after the last day of the sale. Your total check amount will be your sales commission minus the $10 marketing fee for the first 500 items placed into the inventory system. We look forward to having you be a special part of Childrens Upscale Resale Events!!